Terms and Conditions

To obtain LiveStreamCDN.com services, every client must be 18 years or older and be legally competent to act and declare that has read and agreed to the terms and obligations of this agreement.

By hiring our services it is understood that the client, the Contracting Party, certifies that he has read, understands and accepts each of the conditions that make up this document and that it is his wish to contract the services of LiveStreamCDN.com in the terms established in these general conditions.

LiveStreamCDN.com reserves the right to revise and modify these general conditions for the hiring of its different services.

Services cost: The client gives for known the nature of the services provided and the fees and charges, which were initially communicated to him. The customer is aware that the company can change the rates and charges specified at any time. The offers are eventual and depend on the acquisition and maintenance of the cost of the services, including the charges charged to the company by its suppliers.

New accounts and domain transfer: All new or transferred accounts from other servers will be discharged and entered into our domain name servers (DNS) within 48 hours. However, due to unforeseen complications, this process can sometimes take up to skillful 72 hours. Beyond the time it takes to register your service in our network, for both cases, the customer must consider the time it takes to update the data of our servers in their domain by the registrant.

Security: You are responsible for any misuse of your account, even if the improper activity was executed by a friend, family member, guest or employee. Therefore, you should take steps to ensure that others do not have unauthorized access to your account. In addition, you may not use your account to practice a security breach of another account or to attempt to have unauthorized access to another network or server.

Unlimited accounts: Unlimited accounts are truly unlimited. These accounts should not be used to receive any media, video or large size files. It should be used only for standard practices. If you have a questionable (interest) concern, open a support ticket on the ticket system. If you know that your site or your service is not going to have a typical use and hires us, knowing this, we will require you to contract another type of package. If you have any questions, contact us. Please contact us for approval if you feel you could violate this clause. You are not obligated to make any reimbursement, damage or loss of data caused is the responsibility of the customer if your account is terminated for violations of the terms of use.

Confidentiality: LiveStreamCDN.com will maintain the confidentiality and security of the information provided by the subscriber for the collection of the service, as required by law. LiveStreamCDN.com agrees not to send publicity unless expressly accepted by the subscriber. The notice of change of prices or characteristics of the services offered or the internal notifications between the subscriber and LiveStreamCDN.com is excluded.

Contents: The services contracted with LiveStreamCDN.com must be used exclusively for lawful purposes. The use of any of the services contracted with LiveStreamCDN.com that violate any local, national or international law is strictly prohibited.

While using the services contracted with LiveStreamCDN.com, the Subscriber may not: disclose or transmit illegal, abusive information, defamatory, racist, offensive, or any other type of information susceptible to objection, whether through photographs, texts, banners or links to external pages, as well as publishing, transmitting, reproducing, distributing or exploiting, renting information or software containing viruses or any other harmful component , software or other material that is not original (pirated), infringe intellectual property rights, publish or provide material or resources on hacking, cracking, or any other information that LiveStreamCDN.com deems inappropriate. Any use of the system for illicit purposes shall authorize LiveStreamCDN.com to suspend the services contracted without prior notice.

Streaming video and audio: All content distributed through live streaming or on demand must be legal content and cannot infringe any copyright laws or royalties.

Extra charges: Our service plans are designed to accommodate most of the usage scenarios, given the needs of our customers. However, their use may vary and require additional assignments, specifically in the areas of storage and traffic. We will never charge your card automatically if your account requires more resources. You should keep your email address up to date within your control panel, so that you can receive an email when your account reaches certain limits determined only by our system, for example, a warning of the growth of your bandwidth when it reaches 80%, in which case you can contact us to purchase a higher transfer for your account. If you do not contact us, the system will suspend your site if your assignments are exceeded.

Customers with monthly payments or fees: They must always be paid on the agreed date. In the case of three days overdue, we will be obliged to suspend your account. After 7 days, an additional charge of $20,000 will be charged for the reactivation of the account. In all cases, we reserve the right to cancel customer accounts that do not show punctuality and commitment to their payments. In the event of any difficulty in making a payment on the indicated date, it is the client’s contact with LiveStreamCDN.com to explain the situation and exceptionally it will be possible to grant some special time for payment.

Suspension: In the event of service suspension due to non-payment or non-compliance with these conditions, LiveStreamCDN.com may refuse to reactivate the user or apply an economic surcharge. It is the total responsibility of the user to maintain his or her service (s) on the corresponding date and to avoid suspensions.

Refund Policy: Payment will not be returned for any reason.

In the case of interruptions or instability of the connection, LiveStreamCDN.com can offer to the client a compensation, in the form of credit in the services provided, never in cash.

Cancellation of service: Cancellation requests must be made with a minimum anticipation of 10 (ten) days at maturity, having paid the months previously used.